SolarVenti Ltd. started as a small production and sales family business in Denmark in 1981 under the name “Aidt”. Many years of research on solar air led to the development of a new air collector product in 2001, which both had a built-in fan and solar cell – it was something the world had never seen before.

It was the beginning of the SolarVenti solar air collector, with its perforated back plate that provides the necessary air flow and simultaneously solved all possible problems like – overheating of the solar cell and replacement filters.

With our name change from “Aidt” to “SolarVenti” in 2006, it became clear what we wanted to focus on in the future – to produce, sell and improve our own patented air collector system. SolarVenti has since been patented in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and Canada and the United States, and across Eurasia including Russia.

Today we have dedicated our work to develop and advance our solar air products, so we are constantly looking for innovative, newer and smarter solutions. We work with engineers, specifiers, architects, building engineers and craftsmen all over the Denmark and export to 30 countries worldwide. With Australia being one of these counties.

SolarVenti was introduced to Australia over 15 years ago. The SolarVenti Australian department is headquartered in Erina NSW on the lovely Australian East Coast.