Solar heating dehumidifies and ventilates family houses

dehumidifies and ventilates family houses and improves air quality

The starting point for the owner’s use of a SolarVenti solar air collector on a year-round residential or holiday home can be the desire to increase indoor air quality, make a good indoor climate even better and also save money on the heat.

Or the starting point may be that the house has a real indoor climate problem – with residents who experience more or less obvious reactions to bad air in the house’s living room.

When the SolarVenti solar air collector is mounted on the wall or roof of the year-round residency house, the house’s indoor air quality will be significantly improved and the general humidity will drop.

Both in the everyday indoor air and in house’s building structure and furniture. All year round, without maintenance, and every single time the sun shines just a little bit, the solar air collector sends free, positive warm and dry air into the building. And pushes the tucked away, moist air out.

The solar air collector is free of operational expence because it is entirely solar powered – without burdening either the user’s wallet or the planet’s C02 accounting – carbon footprint.

Ventilation Flows / Streams

When the sun shines just a bit on the panel of the solar air collector on the sunny side of the home or on the sun faced roof, the air very quickly becomes very hot inside the panel.

At the same time the panels solar powered fan begins to blow the hot and dry ventilation air into the house.

The air – which is blown into the house creates positive pressure – pushes the humid and old air out through gaps or opening outlets in the kitchen or shower/bathroom extractor vents. It is the location of the opening ventilation outlets that determine how the ventilation air moves through the house.

Be aware that you close the chimney flue if the flue sits near the SolarVenti’s injection air vent.

When the solar air collector to make an overall effect in several rooms with doors between each room, the doors must remain open.