SolarVenti Professional air collectors in use at the plant in Denmark

For Larger Commercial and Professional Buildings

SolarVenti ® Professional Solar Air Collectors significantly reduce the running costs and energy use for heating, night purging and drying of larger commercial and professional buildings.

SolarVenti ® Professional can be integrated with existing air handling systems (HVACHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) or designed specifically to optimize the HVAC requirements of a new build. They can be incorporated into drying or aeration systems for agricultural grain drying, bio-waste facilities and processing, library air humidity balancing, industrial paint drying, warehouse workplace health and safety ventilation.


The Solar Air Collector is heated by the solar radiation when the sun shines, there is also ambient heat and good drying on overcast days..
The energy, heat and drying converted by the black filtration mat via the solar radiation will be transferred into the building as fresh, low humidity, preheated air.

The air enters the collector through a patented perforated rear wall into a plenum. The air then passes through the absorber filter, made of a black technical material, which is resistant to high temperatures. The material is also the effective air filter.

Unique to this collector is the conversion of solar energy to warm, fresh air. (Recorded temps on 6m2 collector – 56C & 9% R/H -01-06-2017). The air gap between the rear wall and the absorber of the solar air heater provides sufficient thermal resistance to transfer heat energy to the incoming air, eliminating the need for insulation.


  • Short payback time
  • Powerful dehumidification and free supplementary heated fresh air, resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Improves the operation of existing ventilation systems
  • Especially suitable for professional and commercial building applications.


Preheating of fresh air:
  • for warehouses and storage units
  • for industrial and agricultural buildings
  • for commercial buildings, offices, shops etc.
  • for sports clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools and spa baths
  • to institutions (village halls, museums, hospitals, schools etc.)
  • to hotels, large public houses, large restaurants etc.
  • Drying of stored timber, biomass waste.
  • Grain, nut and feed product -natural drying.
  • Air drying for paint or humidity facilities.
  • Workplace health and safety ventilation systems.
  • Filtrated night purging -free cooling for HVAC.


If you are interested in the SolarVenti Pro for commercial and industrial buildings, contact our dealer Solair.


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* New Certificate for SolarVenti Professional. See the new DIN CERTCO certificate for SV Professional, and read here what the certificate stands for.

At the design stage, you will need to take into account the roof hoods, roof windows and other technical equipment on the roof

Advantages of SolarVenti ® Professional Units

  • Active Solar Heating and drying
  • Full filtration for night purging – free cooling.
  • Improved Health and Efficiency
  • Low Installation Costs
  • No Costs for Dehumidification
  • Guaranteed Payback

Positioning of SolarVenti ® Professional Units

  • Installation near Ventilation intake units
  • SolarVenti ® Professional solar air collectors are designed for roofs (or ground) with little or no slope.
  • SolarVenti ® Professional solar air collectors are optimally installed facing as close to due North as possible.
  • A deviation of up to 45 degrees from due North is possible, by simply increasing the area of solar collectors.

Dimension in mm: (L x W x D) 1004 x 1970 x 300
Weight per module in kg: 10
Filter – Absorber, 1,25 m2 absorber / felt per m2 collector:
2 mm black polyester
Cover: 10 mm Polycarbonate (UV and hail resistant)

Pressure drop:
25 Pa / 50 m3/m2 collector,
75 Pa / 100 m3/m2 collector,
175 Pa / 150 m3/m2 collector

Efficiency: 70% at an air flow of 125m3/m2 collector
Max. energy output: Approx. 842 W/m2 collector
Average energy output:
500 – 800 kWh/m2 (depends on type of control system)


Other recommendations: Max. length per row of collectors: 20 meters, For large air volumes, more rows of solar collectors are recommended.